Friday, 28 March 2014

Gluten & Lactose-free ‘Pizza’

I had a go at making the Nouvelle Daily gluten-free ‘pizza’ - with great success! I was a bit sceptical about the cauliflower base, but actually it was really nice and didn’t taste over-poweringly of cauliflower. I didn’t follow the recipe exactly or precisely measure anything out (I’m not great at doing that!) but it turned out just fine. And pretty healthy too!
Pictured: Nouvelle Daily's delicious gluten-free pizza

  • Pop small cauliflower florets, ground almonds and salt into mini-food processor. I added 2 tbsp fine corn meal here too. Pulse until the cauliflower is ground like breadcrumbs.
  • (*If you don’t have a processor, use a grater on the cauliflower and mix it together by hand)
  • The nouvelle daily recipe says to add 1 egg. This is to bind the base. I didn’t have a whole egg… I started to add a splash of water and a bit of mayonnaise and it was beginning to come together nicely…Then I remembered I had a bit of leftover egg in the fridge from the day before, so I added aprox. 5 tsp of egg white to the ‘dough’. This was actually just enough; I had only used a small amount of cauliflower and I think a whole egg would have made the dough too wet.
  • I spritzed a baking tray with low-cal oil spray, then smoothed the dough mix into a circle using my hands and the back of a spoon. I put it into the oven at 200°C for 10-15 minutes, until browning around the edges.
  • Now the toppings - I didn’t have any tomato puree left (Obviously well prepared for making this , haha!) I used some salsa dip instead.
  • While the base was in the oven, I cooked some quorn chicken pieces and a bit of pepper in a pan, seasoned with smoked paprika rosemary and thyme, and for the last couple of minutes added some pecan nut pieces. 
  • I spread the salsa and toppings onto the base, sprinkled with (lactose free) cheese, and back into the oven until it was all melty.
I decided to try out a little Parmesan cheese on the top, as according to this study, Italian Parmesan has negligible amounts of lactose in it, so it may be suitable for those with a lactose intolerance. I didn’t go overboard, just in case there were disastrous consequences, but I felt fine the next day! WOOP! 
I served mine with green salad and garlicky mushrooms…  it was yummy :D

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