Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Raspberry Pavlova Chocolate Brownie Pudding

There has been a bit of a glut of raspberries at my house recently, and I thought that, rather than piling copious quantities onto my cereal each morning, it might be nice to put some of them to better use - in some kind of free-from baking experiment! 

My first thought was to bake some raspberry chocolate brownies, which I've made before. But, unable to find a new brownie recipe I was happy with (after a whole 5 minutes scrolling through Google's suggestions), I 'invented' a recipe for a deliciously damp cake... flavoured with delicate orange blossom, orange zest and zingy fresh raspberries, and with a drizzle of tart raspberry and orange coulis over the top. The coulis, in the end, seemed rather unnecessary with such a moist dessert, but to paraphrase Nigella - when is cake ever about necessity? I will post the recipe for that one soon!

So after the initial fruitless (haha) quest for a gluten-free chocolate brownie recipe, I eventually (the next day) came up with this ever-so-slightly lighter, more pudding-y variation. It works well with the citrussy raspberry coulis, and is delicious served slightly warm, with lactose- or dairy-free ice cream.

Monday, 7 July 2014


...Bit of a lack of blogging recently! I've clearly been too busy enjoying the freedom of summer - There's been enough going on in life to write pages and pages of drivel, but I've just not got round to it (maybe that's a good thing?!) 

Since my last post, I've helped my brother move down to the lovely city of Chester, made friends with butterflies at the National History Museum, felt very under-dressed at my first Asian wedding, deconstructed a sundress into co-ordinates, bought a slightly battered 1950s larder cabinet off ebay (which I hope to make the subject of restoration/'before and after' post), had a few shopping sprees, and done lots and lots of cooking and baking... phew!

At the butterfly exhibition at the Natural History Museum - Open until mid september, and well worth a visit!

Maia x