Sunday, 23 March 2014

Clinique Foundation - Free 5-Day Trial

My skin is far from perfect - I'm prone to oiliness and occasional breakouts (especially when I'm stressed!) as well as suffering from dehydration, (I sound so attractive...) and I've never quite managed to discover the perfect skincare regime or makeup for me. When I discovered Clinique was offering a free 5-day trial of their foundations I decided to give it a go, and use the opportunity to attempt my first beauty post!

I've always found it hard to judge whether a foundation is going to be right for me - from matching my skin-tone under the harsh shop lights (according to the MAC girls I have a pink-based face but a yellow neck?!) to making sure it's one that will last the whole day without being sabotaged by my oily complexion...

I also hate wasting money on things that aren't right - especially as nice foundation is actually pretty expensive if you look at the cost per ml - so being able to take samples home to try out properly is a brilliant - I certainly wouldn't be able to afford to just buy clinique make-up on a whim!

I also managed to snaffle a free sample of Clinique's amazing toner - I've used number 2 and 3 before but the lovely lady on the counter recommended using number 4 as my skin is not particularly sensitive.

I was given 3 little sample pots, each with 5 days worth of foundation, and I'm really looking forward to trying them out and giving them a little review at the end!

Fingers crossed that one of them is my perfect match! 


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