Free-From Baking

Gluten-Free Baking Tips
  • I've found adding whisked egg whites to gluten-free baking really helps lighten up otherwise dense and stodgy cakes. If you're not doing a gluten-free version, you can generally simplify the recipes by omitting the egg separating and whisking stage, and using 'normal' flour.  
  • When whisking up the egg whites into a 'meringue', the bowl needs to be scrupulously clean and the egg whites completely untainted by yolk/butter/other proteins, otherwise it just won't whip as well.
  • I find it better to work fairly quickly once wet and dry ingredients are combined - Raising agents start to work immediately, and gluten free bakes need all the raising help they can get!
  • Don't be tempted to over-mix the cake batter - Be gentle - the raising agents will be working and too much mixing will just release any air being produced, and you risk getting saggy, dense cakes!
  • I don't entirely trust cooking times given in recipes - Not that I doubt the bakers who write them, but oven temperatures can vary significantly, and when gluten-free cake is overcooked and dry, it's awful. That's why I prefer to keep a close eye on my babies time-wise, and alter the temperature slightly if need be. 

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