Monday, 7 July 2014


...Bit of a lack of blogging recently! I've clearly been too busy enjoying the freedom of summer - There's been enough going on in life to write pages and pages of drivel, but I've just not got round to it (maybe that's a good thing?!) 

Since my last post, I've helped my brother move down to the lovely city of Chester, made friends with butterflies at the National History Museum, felt very under-dressed at my first Asian wedding, deconstructed a sundress into co-ordinates, bought a slightly battered 1950s larder cabinet off ebay (which I hope to make the subject of restoration/'before and after' post), had a few shopping sprees, and done lots and lots of cooking and baking... phew!

At the butterfly exhibition at the Natural History Museum - Open until mid september, and well worth a visit!

Maia x

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